Afternoon Yoga & Agile Meditation

Relax and gain new super powers for the rest of the day.

PLEASE SIGN-UP FOR YOGA: June 9th &/or June 10th

Did you ever feel like your daily conference routine is too packed or that your schedule has gotten out of hand at some point? Do you feel lost and a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities the ATDs are offering? Do you suffer from anxiety, nervousness and tension in head, neck and shoulders? Are you asking yourself, where the PAUSE button is? Then this session is for you! I will help you find some inner peace again and calm the world around you and within.

Together we will explore the power of meditation to concentrate on what's most important - YOU.

With very easy but helpful stretch and yoga poses we will break the barriers that keep your energy from flowing freely. Releasing, letting go and accepting are the first steps towards stress relief and gaining new strength. Allow yourself to set a new focus and - like a breath of fresh air - you will be amazed at how refreshed and revived you will feel. You will take away some new relaxing practices and exercises that can be used at work or at home, whenever you might need to push that pause button again.


You do not need any experience with yoga, pilates or meditation. The session requires no specific sport clothing, just come in your day outfit.

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